High Roller Bonus Review

In every casino, there are three categories of gamblers. The low spenders, mid-spenders, and the high-roller gamers. High-roller players are those not afraid to spend a lot of money on gambling. Online and land-based casinos regard such players with high esteem considering that they bring in a considerably high amount of income. For this reason, wagering sites have come up with strategies to award these gamers to keep them coming back to their sites for more gambling exercises. Keep reading this high-roller bonus review to find out the details.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is usually rewarded to new casino members. They get a percentage of additional cash from the casino once they deposit some money into their account. High-roller members have the privilege of receiving even higher money bonuses than regular players. Unlike the standard gifts where gamblers receive a limited amount of money in the form of a match bonus, players get accorded a percentage reward that can be as much as 4000 pounds or its equivalent in another currency.

The good thing about the high-roller bonus is that, in most cases, it does not have any wagering requirements pegged to it. Gamblers can withdraw their payouts at whatever time they want to, without worrying about losing any winnings or bonus cash. Gamblers may be required to key in a bonus code for them to be awarded the high-roller cash bonus. Casinos usually need players to wager using the bonus money by a specific time. Failure to do so will have the extra cash remaining taken by the casino.

Comp Points Bonus

Comp points are awarded to gamblers according to the amount of cash they use. In most cases, for each dollar wagered, the gamer is usually availed a point. There are several available tiers when it comes to the points reward system. These are:

  • Copper

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Diamond

  • Platinum

The more money a gambler spends, the more points they will receive. As a result, they will move up the ladder as they accumulate these rewards. Gamers can renew the points for cash, free spins, casino chips, electronic devices, vehicles, as well as exotic holidays. The first three options can be used to wager in casinos. Players should note that they need to have acquired a certain number of points before they can be allowed to renew them.

Special High-roller Bonuses

Due to the nature of the amount of cash such players spend, online staking sites have formed a habit of providing other bonuses to these players on a regular basis. These are availed in the form of:

  • Match bonuses

  • Anniversary gifts

  • Birthday bonuses

  • Weekly bonuses, etc.

Since these rewards are specifically set aside for gamblers who spend thriftily in the casino, there are bonus codes that are put in place to ensure that the interested persons do not subscribe to other bonuses that may not be as lucrative.

Higher Bankrolls

It goes without saying that high-roller gamblers spend much more money than the regular players. For this reason, online casinos avail even higher limits to players of this kind. This way, they can put even larger stakes without receiving any warning messages from the casino in regards to spending too much. Having a massive bankroll means that gamers can play expensive games that have even better rewards.

Invites to Exclusive Casino Events

Wagering destinations have tournaments and competitions that they set aside for their gamers. At times, several casinos come together to form mega-events like these. However, not every person is invited to such events. The casino usually welcomes players who are known to use a lot of money in wagering activities. Not only do high roller gamblers participate in such competitions, but they also get various goodies for joining. If they happen to win, they also benefit by receiving the secluded gifts for the games.

Being Listed as VIP

Being part of the VIP club is an interesting encounter because players get to enjoy much more privileges. In some casinos, players have to attain a certain number of comp points to be considered as VIP members. In others, a strategy is used to vet gamers who stand a chance of joining this exclusive club. Others only need the player to deposit a specified amount of cash, and they automatically become VIP members. Either way, the best part of being casino VIP is that you get access to all benefits that other members do not have. For example, the casino could give you a personal finance manager to help you solve your money troubles. When you require to speak to a client support agent, one will be availed instantly to resolve your game related problems.

High-Roller Bonus Restrictions

Like every other casino reward, this bonus has a few restrictions. For instance, gamers who visit casinos to bet have to keep spending high amounts of money if they want to benefit from the club continuously. When a gambler slacks using large sums of money, they lose this privilege. Even more, bettors have to prove to be trustworthy when utilizing gifts. Otherwise, the casino may stop providing the cash gifts to players who waste them. These rewards are available to both PC and mobile gamers in most cases. Players who are not sure of this should check with their casino to know for sure whether the bonus is availed to mobile gamers.

High-roller bonuses are something out of the ordinary since one gets to enjoy benefits that are not generally accorded to other gamblers. This gives players the chance to wager more times than usual. Playing one’s best slots and table games becomes an entertaining affair considering that you do not run out of cash easily. However, players of this caliber need to be careful not to spend too much. One may get carried away by the massive bonuses and as a result, keep on making cash deposits. Gamblers are advised to also look keenly at the wagering requirements before they accept any bonus reward.